How Do Air Washers Work (2-in-1 Devices)

There are various ways of improving air quality at home, and air washers are among the best tools for such a purpose. So how do air washers work? Keep reading, the answer is in the text below.

Air washers perform the following two most important functions:

  • They humidify the air.
  • They clean the air by washing it with water.

I would say that these air purifiers & humidifiers are the healthiest type of air purifiers as they do not use any chemicals. There is no mist, there are no filters, in fact the water itself is the filter. The water traps particles from the air, and they are collected in the tank.

This is essentially a cold air humidification, just to know where these devices formally belong. This is why I have included a number of them in my list of cool mist humidifiers without filters.

This also implies one important feature: with such air washers the air can never be over-humidified. This is not so with some warm mist humidifiers where excess vapor falls to the furniture and damps carpets. I have seen people complaining about this frequently.

Cost-effective maintenance

As mentioned, there are no filters that need replacement so you are free from such a cost. Normally, humidifiers and purifiers work with distilled water, but this is not so with air washers. They work with tap water, so imagine how convenient this is. All you have to do is to add water from time to time.

As the top picture above shows, the airborne particles are sucked by the fan and they become trapped on the bottom of the tank while only vapor leaves the device. Why this is so? Well, those solid particles do not evaporate, only water does.

These devices work with rotating discs, see the picture below, and these never need replacement and they cannot get clogged. They self-clean because they partly rotate through the water that is in the base shown in the picture.

This is the rotating disc in one of the water air-washers. It is partly immersed in the water in the black tank.
This is the rotating disc in one of the water air-washers. It is partly immersed in the water in the black tank.

Avoiding white dust with an air washer

White dust are minerals that are normally present in the water. In most cases this is limestone. They spread around when vapor leaves a humidifier. Then air absorbs the water molecules but the solid particles deposit on the furniture, so the dust is increased in the area instead of being reduced.

In this video you can see the principle of work of one of the best-known air washer from Venta:

I already mentioned Venta air washer, but you might want to compare it with this Boneco Air Washer, both work on the same principle. For more devices designed to purify the air at home please check under the category Air Purifiers. Please check also our separate list with best air purifiers with ionizers.

Let me know if you have any question or comment, there is a comment box below. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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