This site is all about air quality and air control at home. I have started it during my terrible five weeks of struggle with the coronavirus. My symptoms seemed to be a bit atypical, this was all about pain and pressure in the chest and difficulties with breathing. The feeling was as if a part of the lungs was missing. I guess those who have suffered from this virus (and survived) will know what I am talking about.

So I had panic attacks a few times a day when I could not breathe, and then I used to escape to the terrasse (sometimes literally crawling) hoping to get some air. In the intervals when was able to relax and breathe normally, I was searching the Internet for some tools that would help to breathe.

I started with inhalations, and after that I ordered a couple of air humidifiers for me and my wife, we needed them separately because I was isolated in the room all those weeks.

Eventually, in the process of gathering more and more information, I started creating this site. I already had several sites, so making yet another was not so complicated from a technical point of view. On the other hand, I was very interested in the subject, and I was eager to learn about all those devices available on the market. This is how the site started getting its shape and content. So I am building it in the process of learning about the air control devices.

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I know that in time this About page with such a text will become obsolete and may look strange, but I am pretty sure I shall never change it. This is my own reminder of what I was passing through when I was building this site. I am writing these lines more than a month after my problems with breathing started, and I feel much better now, and know this struggle with the virus is over for me now. But I shall continue using some of the tools presented here, both my wife and me need them to reduce the chances of getting sick again.

If you have any question you can always contact me through my Contact Page and the site’s email which is: support@homeairlab.com